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[Below you'll find how the process of creating molds the mind.]

Journey Worth Sharing 

LTW Hoodie




Act Happy

.Very grateful to be able to create in this Era. Even if you're creating for yourself, New technology, youtube, and the library can be your best friend. With every small detail at your fingertips, you wouldn't think you'd be missing out on anything. Listen, I swear, there is always a new world to discover. And all of these world's are put in categories form A-Z, so don't worry


Speaking from experience...... there has been multiple times where i've questioned if the designs we have created were good enough. Sales might not be what they were expected to be, not enough reaction, or maybe i was just not trusting enough in my own ability. As a creative you're going to over evaluate all of your creations. But take into light that your perspective is the only one that matters, and shift your focus on all of your abilities. If you can count them on one hand you haven't counted them all. I know we've all wished things would come out as we imagined. But they don't, thats what "Trial and Error" are for. Expect there to be errors, but expect to be able to fix them. 


Model. Instagram @bka.bianco

Photo by J. Elliot.     

Creating a staple piece in fashion is not as easy as it looks. You have so many worlds in this "industry", so sometimes we get lost peaking into other designers perspectives. I call them "worlds" because you can fit so many of your ideas in one space, and still have room for the next. In our own spaces we create the best designs and are entitled to feel like there is nothing out there like it. That's how you build confidence in your ideas. The faith and belief you put into your ideas will become your foundation. The work you put towards those ideas will turn eventually turn into skyscrapers.

You have time. Time goes by so fast, all of the seasons begin to feel rushed. Creating clothing around seasons becomes so hard when you have to think about the other half of the world who doesn't know what snow is. With that being said, we've shifted all of our concepts and styled pieces to work around the clock. Durable, comfortable, and adaptable pieces will be past down generations. I know of family members who past down clothing. "Good Vintage", we call it that but it deserves the title "Good Art". Clothing pieces made with quality materials and meaningful thought is what gives a clothing piece value. 


Model. Instagram @varelicc

Photo by J. Elliot

Shot & Produced by PhreshVision Productions   

Lighting The Way for the Builders.

Commercial Project From 2021

2021 Summer We had the Opportunity of Collaborating with PhreshVision Productions Company on a Commercial we had envisioned for Trbleshooter. "Lighting the way for the builders, the statement is directed towards those who still have youthful passion to "Create" better, create a "Great Quality Of Life". It's a hard pill for us all to swallow, but its grand that we all understand that our actions impact the new generations. It's not a new concept but it's still our biggest obstacle today. We want to create awareness, we can't walk in anyone shoes so it's only right we put a clear message in front of those who need it. 

New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week September 11 2022

Thank you for growing with us on this journey. We can't mention it enough. We were able to present some new designs and preview some of the changes we're making to pivot the brand into the "New" world of Fashion & Art.